Humble Ideas, Humble Holidays

It’s the summer holidays here and as a lone parent to a 6 year old boy I have company for the next 6 weeks.  Paying upfront for 6 weeks of childcare while I work is virtually impossible financially. Dexter’s absent biological father has recently decided he will go to all lengths to avoid any sort of maintenance contributions, which has made life pretty tricky, as we all know children are super expensive.  Still, I was thankful for the support for the short while I had it and now its time to get my size 12 arse in gear and make HumbleIdeas work so that I can provide the best possible future for my son.

We’ve come to an agreement that if I work in the mornings then it’s Dexter and Mum time in the afternoon. I am actually amazed how well it’s turning out so far, he has been so good either helping me or occupying himself (mostly) and then come 1pm it’s ofski into the big wide world.


We are so very lucky to live in Sunny Eastbourne, and although with our slightly red tinged hair and pale complexions we are wilting a fair bit, we have had some lovely times, up the hills, enjoying the sea, foraging for random fruits, seeing friends and passing time in Granddad’s garden.

Dexter has been helping me post my parcels whilst also acquiring lots of post office stickers in addition to randomly asking if he can have my latest makes, including interlabial pads curiously ….. sometimes don’t you just wish someone else was around to witness? He did get his own pair of cat pants though, they look supercute. I have the grown up version in the same cat fabric.  In my boy’s head he is also making things to sell and often sits next to me cutting up scraps or sewing scraps together to make interesting looking bags. I love that he’s also got the creative genes. He tried to pay in a shop a few days ago with money he made himself too….. I love the reaction of the shopkeeper. I probably shouldn’t have said to him “ok then, go and see if she’ll accept it”. Haha he wouldn’t have it that it wasn’t legal tender and had to learn the hard way.

Business carries on as usual and so far I have made unpaper kitchen towels, little wipes, period underwear or period panties, as many call them, oh and some rather lovely little wet bags out of some of the babywearing fabric offcuts I used to use in my old business. I’m super pleased with the wet bags, they look like little purses, but they aren’t. I’d be happy to carry one around.

So, what am I planning and what have I been asked to do? Well, firstly I had a large parcel go missing and stupidly I posted in the post box over the road without being signed for or with proof of delivery, lesson learned I think. So, I need to remake that order and also rethink my postal strategies. Thankfully, I buy most of my fabrics by the bolt or half bolt and I did have some in stock, a couple of heavy black period panties and some of my beeswax items. The lady who ordered has been super nice and we are working together to put things right by the time she is back from holiday (eek).

I’ve had another lady message me asking for some sort of basket to put family cloth in, to coordinate with some of my other items for around the home. I’ve had something on my mind like this for a while, but have been procrastinating…. now I have this down to rather an art form, I can procrastinate for a very long time, until someone pokes me to get on with it. So, I’ve been looking at designs and I think I’ve decided what to go for, so it’s a case of watch this space. The question is, how many cloth wipes do I put in? 20 maybe? We go through 10 at least in a day and that is just with wees.

Another project I have on the go, which I am running a tiny bit late for, is a bit of cross marketing with another business, freshfruitbox. They are based in Eastbourne and I am one of their customers.  I love their fruit and veg and I am happy that they are pesticide, wax and plastic free. I used to be a Riverfords customer, and loved my organic veg, but I dated the delivery driver and really shouldn’t have and kind of shot myself in the foot there, another lesson learned. I didn’t find another veg box as good, well, until I found freshfruitbox. See, It’s the pesticides I don’t like, I don’t like the idea of them building up inside our bodies, I also don’t like all the plastic containers you get from fruit and veg in the supermarket, plus it saves me a fortune, because I always go shopping hungry and buy lots of rubbish when I go, so this is a time saver, a planet saver, keeps us healthy and will hopefully help regulate the amount of junk I eat, which as someone who is hypothyroid it really is quite important health wise. One of the things I found frustrating when having my freshfruitbox was the brown bags they used always split, especially if the produce was slightly damp. I’d unpack and I will get potatoes all over the floor. 1st world problems, I know. Anyway, I thought I’d make them some fabric bags so that they can reuse with their loyal customers. If they can reuse boxes, why not reuse bags too. Plus, I’m planning on making a simple line of produce bags, so this promotion could work really rather well. This is tomorrow’s job, with Dexter’s help, of course.

So, that’s cloth wipes, unpaper towels, remake of lost order, bags for freshfruitbox and produce bags. Anything else? by Jove, Yes! Did any of you know that I make fabric Art? Well, I do and I’m hoping to add a section for sale here on my Humble Ideas website. I’ve been working on a few sketches and will try and complete a few thread paintings over the next few weeks. Thread painting is pure indulgence. I don’t need a social life, no I don’t. I just need lots of cups of tea and free motion embroidery to keep me happy. This is possibly why I may stay single forever, because of my relationship with my Bernina…. no man can complete. Haha. I’m a simple soul…… do you think I’ve planned enough yet to keep me going until School is back?

Blimey, I almost forgot beeswax wraps. Now, do you remember me saying I work with Jennifer, from WaywardBee? Well, she provides me with ethical sustainable beeswax for my wraps. If you haven’t read my post on my journey to Beeswax wraps then please do. The Bees and Jennifer give me what is reasonably available, working with the bees at a foremost for their happiness. The bees had given me a reasonable amount to get me started, but during the summer, like the honey, the wax becomes thinner, so there isn’t so much, or it’s not so easy to melt down. Plus, Jennifer also finds that honey with beeswax in the summer is a treat for some so she sells it along with her free-range eggs and art classes. The beeswax is so fine that you can actually eat the wax in addition to the honey. Honestly, you should have seen Dexter’s face when I gave him his nightly spoon of honey in honeycomb, it was as though I’d asked him to eat an alien. I give Jennifer’s honey to him for his hayfever in addition to helping with friendly bacteria for gut health, something like an probiotic, which apparently research is saying is the root of all our health problems….. we are what we eat, folks! In that case, I’d be a giant bag of crisps…. Hurry up Walkers and bring back paper crisp packets, stop my crisp addiction guilt of all those packets going into landfill. I’m off on one again, aren’t i? The wax, anyway, I’m taking a little break while the bees work their stuff and Jennifer is going to see if she can get me a decent amount to work with again in September. This amount could be anything between 400g to 1kg, lets see. I would imagine this may be the last lot before we all start prepping for winter, bees included, afterall they need their honeycomb and honey to survive the long winter.

Well, my boy is snooring in the next room. I’m in the hallway on my desk, which is also where I sew as I’ve a bright velux window which brings in a magical amount of natural light. My cup of redbush has just one mouthful left and I’m thinking of raiding the kitchen for munchies, which I really shouldn’t as it’s just a sign of tiredness. My brain says have a carrot the rest of me says eat the hobnobs (well, Aldi’s version, which I think are just as good).

Night night all, speak soon.

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